Grief Recovery Specialist


Marilyn Pendelton is the founder and CEO of  Your Voice Heard, Inc.


We innovatively and holistically synergize, energize and mobilize the lives of individuals.

VISION: Where we are headed

Trademarked Non-profit that provides Grief Counseling and other societal needs as a resource hub via collaboration with local, national and global partnerships.

CORE VALUES: What you can expect

Partnership, Integrity, Confidentiality, Kindness, Openness, Wellness, Transformation.


  • Motivational Speaker
  • Professional Development: "Grief: Impacts on Student Learning, School Climate and the Community"
  • Individualized Education/Health Plan development specific to children who have experienced grief & trauma
  • Employee Emotional Support
  • Community Outreach Seminars
  • 8 week Grief support groups and one-on-one sessions (18 years old or older)
  • 6 week Educational Study Group to which enables adults to help children deal with any loss
  • Youth, Family and Community Engagement Development


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My name is Dr. Stephen Jones and Ive known Marilyn Pendelton for more than 30 years and she is an outstanding professional. Marilyn cares that she is making a positive contribution to the personal and emotional growth of people of all ages. She diligently works on educating and inspiring people to make positive changes in their lives. You can count on Marilyn Pendelton to have a positive attitude and to create enthusiasm for life wherever she may go. Marilyn is a leader who will give one hundred percent of her time to help make a difference in someone’s future. She has never wavered from understanding that people need help from someone who really knows how to listen and respond.
I highly recommend Marilyn Pendelton’s services she is devoted to ensuring that people can face their challenges and experience positive outcomes. You will not find a better communicator, leader and care giver like Marilyn Pendelton. She has committed her life to achieving excellence in all that she does. Marilyn is a mature professional who is willing to face the challenge of leadership wherever she has works. If you require additional details feel free to call me at 610-842-3843.
- Dr. Stephen Jones
Associate Dean of Students and Strategic Planning, Villanova University
Wed, Oct 23 2013
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